Who attends AF café conversations?

It’s inviting to anyone who has an interest in using the French language while enjoying the relaxed culture of a cafe. 

Every other Saturday morning, Tulsan Francophiles meet at Foolish Things Coffee Company in downtown Tulsa for Café Conversation. It is an informal time when French speakers of all ages, backgrounds, and language levels may converse and get to know one another while learning new vocabulary and practicing their listening and pronunciation skills. Attending a Café Conversation session may seem daunting for some speakers, but consider the variety of people who have come in recent months: 

 a mother of three young boys who started speaking French in high school and continued into college;
 a man hoping to improve his French by taking classes at Tulsa Community College, listening to and reading French in his free time, and speaking with others;
 a Tulsa native who has loved the French language since adolescence and who enjoys making new friends and exercising her mind through language practice at Café Conversation; 
 an aspiring art dealer planning to obtain his doctorate in art history in Paris next year after practicing his French; 
 a Nigerian-Irish accounting student at Oral Roberts University who started learning the language in seventh grade and has loved it ever since; 
 a journalist wanting to improve her French and who loves the kind people and welcoming environment of Café Conversation; 
 a mechanical engineer from Egypt who found Café Conversation online and appreciates the friendliness of others, their willingness to help him improve his language skills, and the similar interests (culture, travel, language) shared by attendees. 

The possibilities of who you might encounter at Café Conversation are endless. One minute you may be talking with a teacher or a writer; the next, you might find yourself in a conversation with a true Parisian woman. If you’re looking for a welcoming group of French speakers, we would love to meet you. For more information, visit aftulsa.org/cafe.

Did you know…?

  • Our MeetUp site (as of April, 2019) has 299 interested followers.
  • There are some additional beginning-level lessons happening during the week, if you like to sample the language and tour the various coffee scenes in Tulsa, rsvp@aftulsa.org 


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