Alliance Française de Tulsa

Since 1955 we have been dedicated to promoting the French language and its culture through programs in education and the arts.


Join our 2018-2019 Seasonal membership (Valid beginning September, 2018 to August, 2019):

Student/Teacher Membership $20


Individual Membership $40


Family Membership $50


Event Sponsor $100


Patron $250


Grand Patron $500


OPTIONAL:  If you prefer to mail any contributions, make your check payable to Alliance Française de Tulsa and mail it to the attention of “Treasurer” at our PO Box 52037, Tulsa, OK  74152.

Our annual membership begins each September.

As a volunteer-driven non-profit organization, we greatly depend on various types of contributions (time, monetary, skills, or in-kind contributions such as venues for class meetings or exams, home or dinner host for a performer, visitor or intern, et al) for the continued success of our educational, artistic and cultural events.  Every effort can be valuable and appreciated to meet our goals.

Contributors to l’Alliance Française de Tulsa:

  • Receive E-mail or social media broadcasts on French language or cultural topics;
  • Receive invitations to French films, qualify for free admission, a member discount or special showings dependent on film rights;
  • Opt-in subscription to website updates via email, our monthly news, upcoming events;
  • Have opportunities to network with our francophile and francophone community;
  • Enjoy events organized by l’Alliance Française;
  • Share contacts and tips for your next trip to France 😉
  • The Alliance Française of Tulsa is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3). As such, any monetary contribution you make, might be tax deductible (consult your financial advisor for more details).

We maintain a contact list of 800+ names.  One can subscribe to our website updates, “like” our Facebook Page and join our Meet-up conversations for date reminders for your calendar and join our Linked In professional group to network.

Note:  If you have enrolled in an AF class this season (since September), you are already counted as a member for this year.  A student membership is included within the cost of a new student class enrollment.

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