Seeking your input into our communication efforts

The traditional definition for capstone is a final “crowning” and protective stone laid at the top of an exterior wall. That definition, applied to your education, portrays the capstone experience as the final crowning moment of your education. A Capstone Project is that stone, on the outside wall, seen by everyone, that shows you have completed the monumental task of earning your degree.

Why do we provide this definition? A capstone project, an internship with AF de Tulsa, has been completed this semester in April, 2019 and we especially wanted to take a moment to recognize the efforts of Natalie Seale, an ORU senior who will soon be graduating. She has assisted us in several ways beginning with a film review, promoting our local activities to university followers of the ORU French Language Association Instagram, organizing the publicity and schedule for students to meet our recently hosted musician for an on-campus performance, photographing events, co-administering social media posts, welcoming cafe-conversation attendees and typing copious notes so we might present to you an updated SURVEY to gauge our communication efforts.

For a few minutes of your time, please take an updated SURVEY to gauge our communication efforts.

Merci infiniment !

Thank you tremendously for contributing your time as simply mentioned by la directrice de la communication who certainly owes you a debt of gratitude for choosing our non-profit for your internship!

Since 1955, AF de Tulsa promotes the French language and culture. Let us inspire you to explore our city of Tulsa by involving local Francophones and Francophiles who are often discovered here.


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