French Exchange Scholarship Funds Available

French Student Exchange Scholarship

Alliance Française de Tulsa is pleased to introduce the Northeast Oklahoma French Student Exchange Scholarship.

This scholarship aims to foster cultural exchange and educational growth among students of French language by providing financial support to those participating in school-sponsored French exchange programs. In addition, the scholarship will encourage students’ engagement with the French language and culture through immersive experiences.

How to Apply

Teachers can recommend deserving students engaged in French exchange programs for a scholarship grant of $250.00.

The Northeast Oklahoma French Student Exchange Scholarship is open to students of French at all educational levels, ranging from elementary school through college. This inclusivity ensures that a wide range of learners can benefit from the financial assistance this scholarship provides.

The scholarship fund is capped at $250.00 per student per year in an effort to support as many students as possible in their pursuit of cross-cultural learning.

For a student to be considered for the scholarship, teachers should submit a succinct 2-3 sentence recommendation along with comprehensive details about the student and their involvement in the French exchange program. This information will enable Alliance Française de Tulsa to identify the most deserving candidates for the scholarship.

Requirements Upon Return

In line with the organization’s commitment to promote French language and culture in Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma, scholarship recipients will contribute to their community upon returning from the exchange. Following their exchange experience, students will engage in a grade-appropriate presentation at an event hosted by Alliance Française de Tulsa. 

The presentation should showcase the students’ experiences and academic work during their time in France or a Francophone country. The presentation should include a written recap and photos. Students can choose to make a physical or digital presentation, such as a poster, PowerPoint presentation, etc. Furthermore, scholarship recipients are encouraged to invite fellow students from their exchange to present or attend the presentation. 

This presentation opportunity not only serves as a platform for scholarship recipients to reflect on their time abroad but also enables them to share their journey with other students and members of Alliance Française de Tulsa. 

To submit a recommendation or request more information about the Northeast Oklahoma French Student Exchange Scholarship, please contact

Northeast Oklahoma French Student Exchange Scholarship Summary


  • Open to students of French in northeast Oklahoma at all educational levels, ranging from elementary school through college
  • Student must be participating in a school-sponsored French exchange program

Selection Procedure 

  • Teacher must provide Alliance Française de Tulsa with a student’s application for the exchange program and include a 2-3 sentence summary of why they recommend the student for the scholarship. Items should be emailed to 

Post-Exchange Requirements

  • Scholarship recipients will make a grade-appropriate presentation about their experience at an event hosted by Alliance Française de Tulsa. Presentations should include a written summary and photos. 


  • $250.00 per student per year

Exchange Postponement 

  • If an exchange program is postponed or a student chooses to postpone their participation, the scholarship may be reserved for up to one year from the date of selection. 

About Alliance Française of Tulsa

Since 1955, Alliance Française of Tulsa has facilitated activities for francophones and francophiles to engage with French culture, language, history, and more. Its mission is to promote French language and culture through programs in education and the arts, to improve cross-cultural understanding, and to strengthen intercultural communication. 

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