One Film, One Federation

The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA, has selected De Nos Frères Blessés (Faithful) to be watched and discussed between now and June 30th.

Check back in this space for details.

Watch a clip.

Film synopsis:

Algiers, 1956. During the Algerian War of Independence, Fernand Iveton is arrested at the factory where he works as a lathe operator. He is accused of having planted a bomb. His wife Hélène refuses to abandon Fernand, and does everything she can to save him. Eye-opening true story.

When Fernand and Hélène meet, they are not the most obvious match. Fernand is a communist in heart and soul, and Hélène is Polish, having escaped communist rule to live in France. Fernand lives in Algeria as a pied noir: a French descendant born in Algeria under the French colonial rule. Seeing how the Algerian people are exploited and suppressed, he has joined the Algerian Communist Party.

They still fall madly in love, however, and soon Hélène and her teenage son Jean-Claude come to live with Fernand in Algiers. But as the Algerian War deepens, and Fernand joins the National Liberation Front with its armed resistance tactics, their marriage comes under heavy strain. Especially when Jean-Claude appears to be interested in joining Fernand’s struggle. True story set during the Algerian War (1954-1962), a dark chapter in French history. Magnificently acted by Vincent Lacoste and Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread).


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