Club de Lecture

The Club de Lecture, started in Fall 2019, is still going strong. We have chosen to revisit one of our favorite authors, and hope you’ll join us!

Our choice this time around is a novel by Guillaume Musso, published in 2019, La vie secrète des écrivains.

Guillaume Musso writes thrilling novels that we just can’t put down! Read the book either in its original modern French or in its English translation (The Secret Life of Writers), then meet us at Mother Road Market to chat about the book and enjoy some dinner and/or drinks.

1st Meeting over chapters 1 through 7: Tuesday March 8 @ 7pm
2nd Meeting over chapters 8 through 14: Tuesday March 22 @ 7pm

Here is the link for the book, and the official site of Musso.

Let us know that you’ll be coming by RSVP at the Meetup link.


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