Trois films…soudainement!!

Chris Marker – 100th Anniversary with rare Short Films – Saturday, July 24th at 1:00PM – NR, 90 minutes, In French with English Subtitles. To celebrate what would be the late French filmmaker Chris Marker’s 100th birthday this year, see three previously unreleased documentary shorts! These films capture political upheaval in eastern Europe and the indomitable spirits of those affected.

Berliner Ballade (29min) Months after the fall of the Berlin wall, Chris Marker made his passionate documentary reflecting the spirit of the city.

Prime Time in the Camps (28min) Marker documents Bosnian refugees creating their own television program for a viewership that has been stripped of a homeland.

Blue Helmet (Casque Blue, 25 min) As United Nations Peacekeeper Francois Cremieux recounts his experiences in Bosnia, Marker injects images into the interview.

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Note: A single special showing date, Saturday, July 24, 2021


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