Quoi de neuf?

Set for January
The free national events continue on Zoom in 2021. The Cultural Offerings committee, a team of eight volunteers on the Federation board, has arranged a line-up that includes exciting new events in the realm of the performing arts. January events include an exceptional event featuring Mark Markham, world-renowned pianist (performing French compositions). The Paper Bullets event features author/historian Jeffrey H. Jackson. The Adrian Leeds event is an encore of the event from the fall that drew over 600 registrants.

  • FrenchFlicks offers an updated list of every French show on Netflix.
  • Antony Blinken, the nominee for Secretary of State, speaks fluent French and has lived in France, as reported by France-Amérique.
  • Bonjour Paris sums up some of the latest news from Paris in this article on the progress of the current confinement, work at Notre Dame, and more.
  • The Guardian features a unique photo montage of rural France.
  • The French film, Mignonnes (Cuties) on Netflix has caused a bit of controversy; click here for an article that explains why.
  • Language learning and its impact on the brain is the subject of this recently published article.
  • How to “play the Parisienne” is covered in this NYT article by Elaine Sciolino (who was a recent presenter for the AF national cultural programs and who was also just featured in a FIAF/Emily in Paris event in December).
  • French Morning discusses the issuesaround trying to go back to France for Christmas.
  • Feeling lucky? France Atout is doing a Paris trip give-away – details here.

Let us know what French-inspired fun you’ve been up to lately: rsvp@aftulsa.org


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