Le 14 juillet 2020

How do you plan to celebrate this “Fête Nationale?” Feel free to tag a photo from your toast/*chin chin to our Instagram #af.tulsa to celebrate with us.

AF Tulsa invites our members and our MeetUp subscribers to a virtual event on Tuesday, July 14, in honor of the Fête nationale from 7p-8p CDT/Tulsa. The content will be a short lesson on the historical significance of the day, talk about the 🍷vin, or whatever else we are drinking, singing of La Marseillaise, etc… here is the link to the 7/14meetup

And AFUSA is offering a conversation group for more advanced speakers as a regular event the 2nd Tuesday of each month, which just happens to be 14 Juillet.  Read more about this particular conversation on this previous post LINK

Our Tulsa teacher and AF Tulsa Vice-President, Nan, will be hosting a Zoom session for her current and former students. This session is also scheduled for 7/14 from 7p-8p and will be limited to her students.


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