Watching films?

Here’s a new website that organizes films for easy searches and sources, Telescope Film It offers a “French Stream.”

French Streams: The Best of French Cinema Available Online with Telescope | French Culture

We asked how it works.

Yes, you are correct that you cannot watch the films on this site; rather it’s a database, which you can search by title, country, language, director, actor. It tells you everything that is out there, if you can watch it online in the US, and where. Then you can click through to the platform of your choice (Telescope Film is connected to over 110).

For example, if you search by actor, “Dujardin,” you should get 43 results. Then you could filter those results by one or more platforms. Finally you could click on one of those titles to go to the film detail page. Here is a link to the page for The Artist: Under the large image, you will see links to Redbox, Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, Fandango, etc. You can then click on the link that you prefer and it should take you right to the film.

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