Natural Grocers welcomes us!

This June, 2019 – AF changes the location of our café-conversations to Natural Grocer‘s location at 3126 South Harvard Avenue, Tulsa: same time (10:30am-12:30pm), every other Saturday, beginning June 8th, 2019.

Natural Grocers – demonstration kitchen
You can buy food & drink in the store, or bring your own. Regular coffee will be provided.

Francophones and Francophiles!
We welcome people of all levels of ability to join the conversation, as long as you are willing to leave your English behind for a couple of hours and immerse yourself in the French language. It is OK to feel lost sometimes; that is part of the learning process.
In order to maintain the wonderful welcome we enjoy, please purchase something, however small, from our hosts.

To receive reminders of our upcoming café-conversation dates every other Saturday, click here:

Upcoming dates

June 8, 22

July 6, 20

If you wish to ease into a beginning-level French lesson, there are lessons on-going in a variety of cafes.  Contact AF Communications to receive an invitation for a specific date/place: 


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