French inspires many students!

Enrolling for Springtime classes, next session beginning in April, 2019!

Qui sommes-nous?

When asked to describe some of the students who have enrolled in recent classes, our “Easy French, Step-by-step” teacher, Judy Glenn responds with some subtle hints…enticing you to start your own guessing game in the next cafe-conversation peut-etre? Did you know each student who enrolls in an AF de Tulsa class qualifies as a student member to AF de Tulsa? Have you met these new members already? Refer someone to take a class as it’s an easy way to become familiar with our local Alliance.

Recent students have been:

  • a retiree of an airline who first used French in a math classroom in Vietnam and who wishes to renew his skills to rekindle conversations with friends in France;
  • an attorney of the health department who works alongside native French speakers from Sierra Leone and who avidly loves learning languages;
  • a cop who wishes to pass a French proficiency exam, so he will more confident in his application to Foreign Service;
  • a young teacher who has a French boyfriend in France and who wishes to learn more about the language;
  • a fashion, style blogger whose writing has achieved a reach beyond 30,000+;
  • a traveler whose mother used to speak French to her sometimes during her childhood…planning to see Austria, Switzerland and France soon and plans to use the language, herself;
  • a retired professor and a retired internal revenue employee who take classes together as a couple for enjoyment;
  • a spouse of a French company employee who lives here for a few years before retiring to their home in Provence someday;
  • a few university students who wish to build their vocabulary and study the culture off campus;
  • someone who recently moved to Tulsa and who loves trying new coffee shops in one-to-one tutoring to learn the area while studying French in honor of her French heritage, preparing to meet extended French family members she’s found through genealogy;
  • a couple middle school age students who wish to improve their studies outside of the school classroom.

It is not an all-inclusive list; however, it is certainly a good sampling of the interests and age-range that l’Alliance attracts. The newcomers to Tulsa have each said that signing up for French has been a good way to get to know local Tulsa surroundings and make francophile friends who share their same interests.


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