“Fleur de lys” pop-up retail

Qu’ est-ce que c’est une “Fleur de lys pop-up”?

What (on earth) is it? It’s similar to a spontaneous petite French-inspired flea market of new/used items enjoyed and/or contributed by Francophiles…displayed in a retail vault for a one-day sale within the Mother Road Market, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Date: Friday, March 1, 2019

Where: Mother Road Market, 1124 South Lewis, Tulsa 74104

Time: 10:00am-10:00pm

Save-the-date for this day to stroll this Route 66 marketplace and find the other shops may offer some inspired items (such as a lavender plant or honey-lavender gelato peut-etre), a foodie demonstration or simply come to enjoy the music of Marcel van Dam, hosted by AF de Tulsa at 6:30pm. Why not make it your plan for dinner and entertainment this Friday evening, March 1st?

For any contributions or questions regarding this pop-up retail: rsvp@aftulsa.org

“This event is part of the French Cultures Festival coordinated by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston, TX”


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