2018 1117 French Exchange at Edison


Tulsa Public Schools Edison High French instructor and exchange coordinator, Mme Poppy Kelley updates AF de Tulsa on their upcoming student hosting opportunities with their partnered school in our Sister city of Amiens, France.

The French students will arrive on November 17 and depart on December 1, 2018.

Would you and your family like to host a student at your home during this Thanksgiving and share your local Tulsa experiences with them?

L’Alliance knows it always helps to offer additional host families in support.  There are twenty-five (25) students coming on this exchange.  We have noticed a few vegetarian requests which can easily be accommodated during meal time with extra veggie side items once you learn their favorites.

What does it take to host, you ask?

  • an extra bed;
  • meals;
  • transport the French student to and from Edison High School each school day.

It’s especially nice if you have children who are close in age (16-17 years old) who may share similar interests or who would like to meet new friends who share these expressed interests: sports, video games, reading, archery, circus, music, cinema/TV, fashion design, dancing, poetry, arts, skateboarding, horseback riding, and travel!

We congratulate Edison High School on hosting this entire class size group of 25 from their partner school in this third year.  We know they will be warmly welcomed in reciprocity during their Spring break trip in 2019.  Don’t forget to share a favorite photo from your family hosting experience with l’Alliance!

*A prepared itinerary is available for host families and carpooling options make it easier.


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