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MyFFF, a STAYHOME edition

MyFrenchFilmFestival, the STAY HOME edition The STAY HOME edition is a selection of more than 50 short films, subtitled in many languages, available throughout the world until April 27, 2020. Following, we have shared several direct links and feel free to…

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Light, hope and love….

This week, the world commemorates the one-year anniversary of the tragic Notre Dame de Paris fire. “During dark times like this, Notre-Dame de Paris—-and the light, hope, and love that she stands for—-is needed more than ever. Please help share…

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Soyez calme!

Comment ça va ?  To pass the time and to spark some fun ideas, we’d love to receive a quick note from you if you have found yourself doing one or more of the following since the month of March.  Have you…1)…

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