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Enjoy this photograph exhibit and the YouTube short 19 minute film produced from the inauguration of an amusement park ride in eastern France, within the Lorraine region, at the Fraispertuis City amusement park in Jeanménil, France in June, 2017.  The story has been told by several different sources…but, it is easily exhibited through use of film or the photographic medium.  It’s one of the reasons Alliance Française de Tulsa wished to include it in the gallery of Circle Cinema, at a time of a planned Oklahoma French Film Festival.  We wanted to expand the reach of this “hometown” story to others who have not yet heard the story presented first hand by Tulsa Historical Society & Museum CEO, Michelle Place and Tulsa County Commissioner, Karen Keith who researched and attended the June, 2017 inauguration with former Mayor Kathy Taylor.

Although we postponed our originally planned March, 2020 speaking engagement in effect to create some “social distancing” during this current state of health precautions, it is still possible to IMAGINE THAT Oklahoma landmark (a smaller stature replica) in use as an amusement park ride through use of this YouTube Link and by standing within the Circle Cinema gallery and taking in some enlarged photographs from time of its construction.  As of March 19, 2020 we needed to remove the photo installation from the gallery of Circle Cinema due to closure of the cinema during this level of Covid-19 state of emergency.

Coasters World – French film producers, Benjamin Ribecourt and Florian (his last name is unavailable at this moment), are also to be congratulated for capturing this short film.

If you wonder, how tall is the tower of the ride? 216-feet tall.

The French Golden Driller could be considered as a shorter, younger, adventurous brother!

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