2018 0106 Café location has changed


AF de Tulsa announces a new location for our 2018 café-conversation meetings:

Join us at Foolish Things Coffee Co., 1001 South Main Street, Tulsa, 74119 in the downtown Cathedral district with parking available at 10th & Boston.

To receive reminders of our upcoming café-conversation dates (every other Saturday, 10:00-noon), click here:  https://www.meetup.com/TulsaFrenchConversation/

To set a recurring reminder on your 2018 calendar, use these upcoming dates:  January 6, 20 & February 3, 17


If you would like to review some technology aides, our AF Communications Director would be happy to schedule to meet you for a “cyber café” session.  Contact:  rsvp@aftulsa.org 


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