Nouvelles – avril 2021

  • Travel – France may open travel to vaccinated Americans early this summer, according to this France Today article.
  • The history of “La vache qui rit” is covered in this RFI article in English, with historical photos.
  • Fans of Gad Elmaleh will enjoy this videoon YouTube.
  • The Académie Française would prefer that French people stop using these 17 English words.
  • France-Amérique magazine is running a Mothers’ Day give-away of almost $2700 in prizes; for details visit here and share with your friends, if you like.
  • French Tacos – The New Yorker published a fascinating article about the unlikely rise of French tacos.
  • The hijab is discussed in this article, which includes input from several women.
  • France’s current lockdown is described in this article in English from France24 and in this article from the New York Times.
  • 318 Profiles – The French government has put together a 450-page document (Portraits de France) that contains biographies of 318 French people representing diversity and importance to the history of France.
  • Building a mosque in France is covered in this New York Times article.
  • Choix de coeur: An official at the Académie Française recently gave a speech on how French is “un choix de coeur.”
  • Several YouTubers share their opinions on the positives and negatives of living in France (notes: 1) contains a bit of rough language, 2) the viewpoints are from youthful perspectives, and 3) contains ads.
  • Changes in the Latin Quarter, including gentrification and the closing of bookstores, are covered in this New York Times article.
  • Air France is opening seasonal direct flightsbetween Paris CDG and Denver.


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